About Wild Honey

We began by calling Wild Honey “community action in Clarendon Park”. Now we tend to say we’re about helping yourself and helping others. We wanted to help those experiencing financial hardship and isolation, which affect people in Clarendon Park as well as in more deprived areas of the city. But really we’re just about helping people – and helping anyone help themselves and others.

We’re all volunteers, which means we have to be realistic about what we do. We’re also concerned to make sure we get things right and don’t promise more than we can deliver.

Wild Honey is a project based at Christchurch on Clarendon Park Road, the church on the left about 80 metres from the junction with Queens Road as you walk towards London Road. See the contact us page for a map.

Though Wild Honey is hosted by the church, it could have been anywhere. Some of the planning group attend church regularly, but not all do. And you certainly don’t have to do anything religious at all to get involved.

Legally speaking, Wild Honey exists as a group within Christchurch Clarendon Park, which is registered charity no. 1148934. We have our own bank account and constitution. The AGM is held annually, in January. And we meet regularly throughout the year – generally in task-focused meetings to advance whatever project is on the go. And sometimes we have more reflective meetings, often in a pub.

We manage financially by holding fundraising events, such as the Green Shoots ceilidhs, which are also fun community events.  We’ve also been helped by a couple of grants from the council, through the Castle Ward community fund, to buy big ticket items such as laptop computers. We’re very grateful for the financial help, and other support, that we’ve had from all sides – from ministers and church members as well as the wider community.

Why are we called Wild Honey? Because we like it. We like the way it links to the social action of bees – those tireless workers for the common good. And because it is wild honey, it is freely available – to anyone in need who has the nerve to gather it!