About Wild Honey

Why are we called Wild Honey? Because we like it. We like the way it links to the social action of bees – those tireless workers for the common good. And because it is wild honey, it is freely available – to anyone in need who has the nerve to gather it!

Wild Honey began as “community action in Clarendon Park”. Now we tend to say we’re about helping yourself and helping others. We wanted to help those experiencing financial hardship and isolation, but really we’re here for everyone.

We are based at Christchurch on Clarendon Park Road, but it could have been anywhere, no religious practice necessary. In fact, we can often be found in the pub, discussing upcoming projects.

We are supported by community fundraisers and council grants, allowing us to buy big ticket items such as laptops. We want to say a big thank you for all the financial aid we have received from the community over the years and to volunteers past and present.

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