Get to know your phone

The start of a year is a great time for looking at your new smart gadget and thinking, “I wish I knew how to work that”.

It’s also good for new resolutions. Such as to figure out that thing you’ve never been able to do on your phone, tablet or computer.

Which makes it a great time to come to Keep up! Our small but trusted band of volunteers are gearing up to welcome anyone with a question they’d like answering or a skill they’d like to acquire.

Our weekly sessions start on 24 January and run through to 21 March. It’s free, everyone is welcome and there are tea and biscuits. We start at 6.30 pm and finish 8.00 pm. Sessions are at Christchurch, 105a Clarendon Park Rd, Leicester LE2 3AH

Keep up spring 2018 dates