Wild Honey volunteers

We’re looking for volunteers for two of our established projects.

The Tuesday group meets every Tuesday in a backroom at Christchurch at 1:45 pm, finishing at 4 pm. It’s a safe, welcoming and accepting place with people to listen and talk to, craft and art activities, piano playing and more. Our internet-connected laptops are in constant use, for finding answers or keeping in touch. There’s always tea, coffee, food (soup is a speciality) and someone to chat to.

Volunteers make it happen. We have a core group who have been there since the beginning, in September 2013. But as the Tuesday group expands, we need more. If you’re interested, email us or phone Francis on 07928 154 350.

We also want to hear from people willing to help with Keep up! on Wednesdays, early evening. This is a project to increase people’s confidence with modern technology. You’ll be listening to what people want to do online – with their own smartphone, laptop or tablet, or using Wild Honey’s laptop. And then together you’ll overcome whatever the barriers seem to be. You need to have some confidence with technology, but you certainly don’t need to be an expert. If you have an average understanding of computers and mobile devices, that’s perfectly adequate. More important is a helpful manner, patience and a willingness to listen as people take their first steps in the online world – whether that’s browsing for info, emailing, social media or skypeing.

Keep up! needs people able to offer a couple of hours on a Wednesday evening. To register an interest, with no commitment, email Pete at Wild Honey. Or call or text the project phone: 07837 965 725